Does your marketing suck? Use infomercials and television to change it.

We create and showcase your marketing on platforms that have the HIGHEST value. TV, video billboards, and major radio stations. This strategy creates:

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Let An Infomercial Do The Sales For You

Whether on radio, tv, or billboard, you can use story based video techniques to increase your bottom line and build your brand on the most respected platforms. Check out a sample commercial

Everyone is running away from TV and radio advertising right now. 

Because of the growth of digital advertising, TV and radio stations now have to play ball with smaller advertisers. That means:

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Can Your Campaign actually work on tv?

Not only will it work on TV, the long form commercial will break down into these formats:

Short Form Television

Step 1

We take the long form version of the infomercial and break down to a one and two minute version for television commercials.

Long Form Radio

Step 1

The long form version of the commercial is edited, mastered and available for syndicated and terrestrial radio.

Short Form Radio

Step 1

Audio from the long form commercial will be broken down into spots that can be used in the middle of shows.

Internet Advertising

Step 1

The long form commercial will be broken down into a webinar, facebook and instagram advertising

Theres a huge difference between paid advertising and DIRECT RESPONSE marketing

Most traditional advertising isn't impactful enough to make prospects take action. With our riveting approach viewers will be compelled to do business with you.

The public trusts brands that advertise on major platforms more than digital platforms. Combine that with a direct marketing approach and watch your sales skyrocket.

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